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Safety Recognition

People tend to repeat behavior that is rewarded. Celebrating safety program milestones confirms the company's commitment to the program and encourages safe behavior to continue in the future. Most safety goals are team oriented, but some are individual and facility goals.

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Types of Safety Achievements

Individual safety goals include "Years of Safe Driving" or "Safe Driving Miles" and are typically recognized at significant milestones such as one million miles or in five-year increments. The safety award is personalized for the person such as a belt buckle with 10 Years of Safe Driving for a truck driver who achieved this goal.

Team safety goals include "1 Million Safe Work Hours"; "Time Without a Lost-Time Injury" such as "3 Years Without a Recordable Incident; or "500 Accident-Free Days". Team safety recognition often includes a catered in lunch and a safety themed functional gift such as a sweatshirt screen printed with "1 Million Safe Work Hours", a flashlight engraved with the safety milestone, or a cooler. Ideas for functional safety gifts are shown below.

Facility safety goals are where a facility is recognized for their outstanding safety achievement by their trade association, or where one facility within a multiple location company receives an outstanding safety award. A facility is usually recognized with a plaque or crystal award that is displayed in a prominent location for all to see. 

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  screen printed t-shirt
   embroidered performance shirt
  crew neck sweatshirt

Safety Program Benefits

When a safety and management system is implemented, workplace injury and illness costs can be reduced by 20 to 40 percent according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This is significant because occupational injury and illness expenses come right off the bottom line.
• Increase awareness of safe behaviors and procedures
• Decrease the number of preventable injuries
• Improve morale, productivity and attendance
• Reduce workers' compensation costs
• Better insurance premiums due to lower risk
• Lower risk of lawsuits and legal expenses
• Good safety record improves your ability to attract future employees

Safety programs reinforce the company's expectation that employees work safely for the sake of each person, their team and the company. When safety goals are visible, it keeps safety awareness top-of-mind and working safely becomes a habit. 
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