The success you permanently recognize today is more likely to continue in the future. When you present achievement awards in front of peers, it confirms what the company values and rewards. The award also becomes an enduring symbol of the success. According to a 2013 study, 88% of companies have recognition programs in place.

There are many types of achievement awards to choose from including desk awards, wall awards and jewelry. Consider where the recipient spends their time when you're evaluating options.

For example, top performing sales people, such as insurance agents, would value a wall or desk award for the office and a lapel pin which their clients would see. While a safety-theme keychain, belt buckle, or jacket would be ideal for workers in the trucking, construction and heavy equipment industries who are not in an office setting.

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Sales Award Programs

Most organizations recognize outstanding sales performance because it's the key to the future of the business. Successful salespeople are competitive and desire to be top performers, especially if there's a benefit to them.

In addition to bonuses, it is important to present a permanent form of recognition which keeps the achievement top of mind and more likely to be repeated in the future.

Other Employee Recognition

Other reasons for employee recognition including retirement and years of service awards, attendance awards, Employee of the Year, Engineer of the Year Award, Innovation Award, and Leadership Awards.

Safety Awards

People tend to repeat behavior that is rewarded. Celebrating safety program milestones confirms the company's commitment to the program and encourages safe behavior to continue in the future. Most safety goals are team oriented, but some are individual and facility goals. Safety achievement includes recognition of milestones such as Time Without a Lost-Time Injury, Years of Safe Driving, or when a facility receives an outstanding safety award.
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Supplier, Distributor and Customer Recognition

Companies also recognize true business partners such as top tier suppliers, distributors and customers. Key suppliers keep them competitive by providing quality materials, on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and excellent communications. Meanwhile, distributors and customers keep the company on an upward growth trend by continuing to purchase an increased volume of goods or services. The award is a symbol to show recognition and appreciation to all employees at the company receiving the award.

Athletic Achievements / Competitive Sporting Events

Winners receive an award at a ceremony following the competition at high school and collegiate sports, road races, biking, triathlon event winners, dance competitions, regatta events, and golf tournaments.

Recognition at the collegiate and high school level includes conference, state and national winners as well as team awards such as Most Valuable Player, Most Improved, etc. Many other competitive sporting events recognize at least the top three finishes or have awards for multiple categories.

Business and Nonprofit Organization Achievement

Organizations can be recognized for excellence by their city, trade association, or publications such as a national magazine such as Inc. magazine and U.S. News and World Report. Examples include local Chamber of Commerce business recognition awards and trade association recognition of top suppliers in their industry at a ceremony during an industry event.