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Recognition Awards uses
Recognition confirms what the company values and rewards. The award becomes an enduring symbol of the success. According to a 2013 study, 88% of companies have recognition programs.
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fundraising and donor recognition

Fundraising has multiple goals including creating awareness, support and raising money to operate. Most nonprofit organizations recognize major donors with unique gifts
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Gifts - ideas and uses
There are many different types of gifting situations including corporate identity, tradeshow gifts, executive gifts, year-end gifts, major family event employee gift, retirement gifts, and gift with purchase promotions.
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Safety Awards uses
Celebrating safety program milestones confirms the company's commitment to the program and encourages safe behavior to continue in the future. Most safety goals are team oriented, but some are individual and facility goals.
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Service Awards ideas
One measure of a successful company is its ability to retain experienced and knowledgeable employees. Studies have shown that employee recognition leads to improved morale, higher productivity, less absenteeism, and lower turnover which all result in a stronger company.
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Special Events gifts
 Special events all have one thing in common ... people are gathered together for a purpose and want the occasion to be remembered. Includes milestone anniversary, open house, grand opening, themed events, golf tournament, fundraising runs and races, and building dedications.
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