A wide variety of engraving and imprinting processes are available to personalize our awards, plaques, trophies, signage, name badges and executive gifts with your logo and heartfelt verbiage.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving uses a laser to precisely remove materials from the surface of the wood, metal or acrylic. A computer controls the speed and level of power to remove the material without burning it. A laser engraved design in wood will appear recessed and darkened into the wood surface. Very fine detailed designs can be achieved using laser engraving. Free form shapes can also be cut out using a laser.

We laser engrave text and graphics on wood, metal and acrylic recognition awards, create custom cut-out shapes and designs, and smaller size signage for indoor and outdoor use. There are a variety of other in-house personalization options available too.

It's true we laser engrave many awards, but it's a best held secret that we also engrave many other items.

Diamond-Tip Engraving

In this process, a machine uses a sharp metal cutting tool to cut or scratch the design into a metal surface which reveals the base metal color. Each piece is individually set up and typeset.


When there are multiple pieces to be personalized, keep your cost low by supplying a list of names for personalization in a spreadsheet format. Learn more about Personalization.


• Proofs are provided for orders requiring personalization
• Approval of the proof within 24 hours will keep your order on schedule
• The proof shows the requested imprint to confirm the positioning and spelling of each personalized piece.


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