Custom Framing FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What determines the price of custom framing?
A. The price is based on time and materials such as the following:
• Size: Size determines the amount of molding, glass and mats.
• Quantity: Volume discounts are available since we can be more efficient with larger quantities.
• Type of molding: In-stock molding usually costs less than custom molding. There is also a wide range of prices on molding depending upon the brand and material.
• Type of glass: Regular glass costs less than conservation clear glass.
• Number of cuts on the mats: The amount of time it takes to cut the mat is related to the number of cuts; custom mats usually take longer to cut than rectangle shapes.
• Size of personalization or other special imprints: The amount of time depends on the size and level of detail. 

Q. Can you do shadow box framing?
A. Yes, we have shadow box framed many different three-dimensional objects that have special meaning such as your golf ball from a hole-in-one, game winning puck, memorabilia, military medals and awards, autographed jerseys, collection of baseball cards, collectible miniature motorcycles, rocks, and even specialty items like a large knife, plumbing tools, and other items too numerous to mention.

Q. Can you frame jerseys?
A. Yes, we have framed many jerseys including autographed football jerseys, basketball jerseys, hockey jerseys, volleyball jerseys, and more. We've framed other apparel items such as military berets and even a World War II jacket. Feel free to bring along photos, trading cards, tickets, certificates, and other items you want framed with the jersey.

Generally, it is best not to ship them because it is cost prohibitive due to the size and weight.

Q. Can you frame needlepoint?
A. Needlepoint projects are one of the few things we do not frame. We can refer you to another local framing shop though.

Q. What types of glass do you offer?
A. These are the types of glass we offer:
• Regular glass
• Conservation clear glass with UV protection
• Non-glare conservation glass with UV protection (The advantage is less glare. The disadvantage is non-glare glass looks a bit fuzzy so it wouldn't be recommended if you want to see fine details or small text.

We use real glass since it has more clarity and is easier to keep clean. Some award framers substitute Plexiglas which scratches very easily.

We routinely ship framed awards around the country without breakage since we take extra precautions to package and protect them well.

Q. Can you change the recipient name on award plaques?
A. Yes, we can accommodate variable data such as different recipient names when multiple framed pieces are ordered. This is a common request with the awards we create, so we are doing this on a daily basis.

Q. Can you individually gift box award plaques?
A. Yes, we have automatic box cutting equipment to create custom gift boxes from low profile corrugated cardboard. The boxes are a tasteful light gray color.

Q. Can you drop ship framed awards to the individual recipients?
A. Yes, this is a common request for corporate framed awards and we drop ship to addresses worldwide.

Q. Do you offer custom framing services to individuals?
A. Yes, we offer custom framing to individuals. You're welcome to visit our showroom during business hours: Mon./Wed./Fri. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Tues./Thurs from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you would like to meet with our framer, it would be best to arrive prior to 3:30pm.

Q. Is wholesale pricing available on custom framing?
A. Yes, contact us for more information.