Trade Show Ideas

Unique and practical trade show gifts keep your company top of mind long after the show. There are many affordable items to offer. Also, consider premium gifts for customers and qualified prospects.

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Trade Show Giveaway Trends - read the article

Trade Show Giveaway Trends for 2017


• Useful functional items
• Keep the size and weight in mind
• Items that keep your logo in sight
• Quantity or quality?

Read the article for details.


Trends have changed and you have far more options than pens. The key is that you want your giveaway item to be special and unique ... something they will keep, remember and use. Be sure to select a quality item that reflects well on your company. If time allows, request a random sample of the item to confirm the quality.
1. Smart Phone Wallet / Silicone Card Holder
2. Magnetic Memo Clips
3. Touchscreen Cleaning Cloth
4. Lip Balm
5. Stylus Pens
6. Phone Holder with Wallet
7. Notebook with Pen
8. USB Charger
9. Hats
10. Flash Drives

Read the article for more details about the item and why it stands out.

Tradeshow Gift Items 

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lanyard phone holder with wallet  stylus pen for touch screen use 
 Phone Holder Lanyard with Silicone Wallet  Stylus Pens

silicone wallet card holder   touch screen cleaning cloth
 Smart Phone Card Holder Silicone Wallet  Touch Screen Cleaning Cloth

SPF-30 lip balm  magnetic memo holder clip 
 SPF-30 Lip Balm with your full color graphics  Magnetic Memo Clip / Chip Clip

USB Flash Drive   USB car charger 
 USB Flash Drive (premium gift)  USB Charger for your vehicle

Notebook with Pen   embroidered cap
 Notebook with Pen Set  Embroidered Cap (premium gift)

More Gift Ideas

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music splitter & stylus keychain
cheese-shaped jar openers
drawstring cinch bag

2-in-1 Music Splitter & Stylus Keychain

 Cheese-shaped Jar Openers
promote you're from Wisconsin

Drawstring Cinch Bag
with Zippered Pocket

bottle and can opener  letter opener  hand sanitizer in carrying case
 Aluminum Bottle & Can Opener Letter Opener  Hand Sanitizer in Carrying Case

Premium Gifts for Customers and Qualified Prospects

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Jolt power bank 
Scripto Jr Writing Pad and Pen
 touch screen gloves
Power Bank  Scripto Jr Writing Pad & Pen  Touchscreen Gloves

coasters with full color imprint  4x6 photo frame
full size zippered padfolio
 Coasters with full color imprint  Photo Frame Padfolio, full size with zipper

embroidered knit cap  stretch fleece headband
Embroidered fleece gaiter
 Embroidered Knit Cap  Stretch Fleece Headband  Fleece Neck Gaiter