Creating the Thornberry Creek Classic Sky Woman Trophy

Behind-the-Scenes Peek and Story Behind the Award

Sky Woman trophy
 An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the LPGA Thornberry Creek Classic custom award was created. 

Global Recognition Inc. was honored to begin with the winning artist's hand drawn artwork and bring it to life as a substantial 3-D custom award. This symbolic award was the subject of interviews where the Oneida Nation had the opportunity to share the symbolic meaning of the award as well as their culture with the world.

Artist Drawings - it begins with a vision

Sky Woman drawings by Scott Hill
The Sky Woman design created by artist Scott Hill was selected as the winning design for the Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic trophy.

"Sky Woman really represents the strength in women and we thought it was a great tie-in with the LPGA event ... a celebration of women, empowering women. Sky Woman is very important in Oneida culture and history because it represents the three different clans: wolf, bear, and turtle. It also has a swan in its hair. The wampum is the base of that trophy as well."     
~Josh Doxtator, Thornberry Creek at Oneida PGA General Manager

Digital Artwork Renderings

Sky Woman digital artwork renderings
The artists at Global Recognition transformed the hand rendered artwork into digital artwork that shows the materials, finishes, size and dimension of the Sky Woman custom award. 


  Sky Woman sculpts
The next step in the process is the creation of a three-dimensional sculpt of Sky Woman and the base with the wampum. The approved sculpt is then used to create a mold for the final award.

Sky Woman Trophy in the Hands of the Recipient

Sky Woman trophy
Photo used with permission from Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic

The trophy was awarded to Katherine Kirk, the winner of the 2017 LPGA Thornberry Creek Classic.

"It really is an impactful statement from a trophy. Everything we've heard from all the players and the LPGA is that it's the coolest trophy they've ever seen because of the significance of it -- it's not just a piece of glass or silver. It's something that really has significance and meaning to it and that was the intention. It's going to be our trophy for years to come."
~ Josh Doxtator, Thornberry Creek at Oneida PGA General Manager

Congratulations to Sei Young Kim who won the 2018 Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic with a record setting performance!

About the Artist

Scott Hill artist

Artist Scott Hill's winning design features Sky Woman which is symbolic of Oneida culture and their story of creation. Scott has been an artist since the early 1980's.